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About Evelyn Beasley


Something About Me…


Hello!  My name is Evelyn Beasley.  I’m a graduate of Southern Arkansas University.  I’ve been teaching school for over 22 years now.  I have three children; one daughter, Ashley Beasley, and two sons, Prince and Malik Beasley.  My children are what I live for.  Prince is a tenth grader, and Malik is a seventh grader at De Queen Schools.  I teach sixth through twelve grades in a self- contained classroom, and I   love every minute of it!  There is no boring moment teaching my students.   I’ve always teaching Special Education, and    always will.  My mission in my classroom is to strive and achieve an interested/healthy class environment where all kids will learn.  Another duty that focus on in my classroom, that there is NO LIMITS to what my students can do.  I know if they can put their mind to it, and actually try, they will accomplish that specific goal.  On the other hand,  I live in Texarkana, Texas, but drive all the way to De Queen, Arkansas just to do what I love every day, teach! I enjoy reading during my free time, and cooking for my family.   I’m devoted to making sure everyone around me (including me) feels welcomed into my home.  I hope this gives you some answers about who I am!