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Primary Enrichment Program

In Kindergarten through Second Grade, all students receive lessons that enrich their learning experience.  The De Queen District  uses Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) for this purpose.  The curriculum is a series of lessons that involve characters from a fictional place, Crystal Pond Woods.  The students are introduced to Dudley, the detective, a logical, convergent thinker; Sybil, the scientist, an analytical thinker; Yolanda, the yarnspinner, a creative, divergent thinker; Yolanda's friend, Isabel, the inventor, a creative, inventive thinker; Max, the magician, who is a visual, spatial thinker; and Jordan, the judge, an evaluative thinker.  As students progress through the lessons, and the years, they are exposed to all the types of thinking and to strengthen those skills.

Once a month, each class is visited by Mrs. Warren, who presents one of the PETS lessons, or occasionally, a lesson based on the skill being practiced.  The three other lessons for the month are taught by the classroom teacher.  Students become attached to the Crystal Pond characters and look forward to the enrichment lessons

In the next 4 weeks, we will be concentrating on convergent (logical and analytical) thinking skills, so Dudley and Sybil will be a big part of the enrichment lessons.  I encourage parents to play board or card games or visit for other logic games.  Have fun together!