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Gifted/Talented Elementary Classes



Elementary Students Meet Weekly


Third Grade Gifted and Talented students meet on Thursday mornings in the GT classroom for 150 minutes.

We have just completed a short unit on the atmosphere. Students viewed demonstrations of air properties, and conducted short activities that helped develop better understanding of those properties.  Then after learning the 5 layers of the atmosphere, teams created songs or raps that showed off that knowledge.  We had a great time creating and viewing the creative results.

Next we will be investigating plants, concentrating on photosynthesis and germination.  We might even check out transpiration. 

Every Week Fourth Grade GT students meet in the GT classroom for 150 minutes on Wednesday mornings. 

Fourth Graders have just  some very creative PowerPoint presentations on ancient civilizations.  They used animation to add interest to the slides, and some even added background music.  We also learned that the information on ancient civilizations can be different one website from another. 

Next we are going to attempt to make travel videos about National Parks using a "green screen" technique.  This is a very challenging and exciting project.  Teams will collect information about a park and choose pictures that show some of the attractions.  Then they will video themselves in front of a green sheet talking about the park, using the information collected.  The pictures and the video will then be combined to look as if the presenters are "right there in the park."


Fifth Grade GT class meets on Tuesday mornings from 8:10 to 10:40.

Fifth Graders are busy building tetrahedron kites.  The construction materials consist of soda straws, paper ribbon, and tissue paper.  Students build ten small rectangular pyramids and then tie those together into a larger pyramid.  These kites are fun to build and actually fly.  Alexander Graham Bell actually build tetrahedron kites, but not out of straws and tissue paper!  Check out

Our next project will be a community service project, creating brochures giving safety information on various topics.  Hopefully we can distribute these to the community through the city library or court house.  If you have any ideas for distribution, let us know.