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Educational Websites


image thumb22   Incredibox: Human Beatbox Machine Online

Beatboxing is a musical art that a lot of people appreciate but only a special few can do. Fortunately, there is a fun online beatbox machine called Incredibox.  It lets you compose your own human beatbox arrangements online, and share them with others. 

This is also a great resource for Music Teachers to give students a hands-on approach in learning about the "ostinato."

Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids is the online component to the Public radio show with the same name. Listen to current or past shows, hear demonstrations of various instruments, visit the musical dictionary, and play musical games. In addition, the Classics for Kids® lesson plans and teaching resources give teachers practical, effective materials and activities that address the national and state standards.

PBS Kids Jazz

PSB Kids Jazz introduces students to the history of jazz. There are several biographies of important jazz artists, an informative historical timeline, and video clips of interviews with jazz musicians. The site is also linked to the PBS Ken Burn’s Jazz site that features a more in depth history of jazz, a timeline that includes social commentary, and more detailed biographies. While these sites do not include information on the history of jazz after the 1960’s, the material is extensive and informative.

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

NSO Kids supports the mission of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra to provide a wide range of educational programming and resources that will support classroom instruction. This site provides students with information about the NSO and its musicians, as well many short biographies and musical examples of orchestral composers from the Baroque period through the 20th century.

SFS Kids Fun with Music

The San Francisco Orchestra Kids site provides students with the opportunity to experiment with music composition. The basic elements of music (tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, and timbre) are introduced in a fun and interactive environment.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids site gives students a great introduction to music history, the opportunity to hear and learn about the instruments of the orchestra through fun games, and tips on how to practice. 

The New York Philharmonic KidZone!

Sponsored by the New York Philharmonic, this site is packed with games and activities, information about composers, performers, and instruments, and ideas for composition projects.

Music Tech Teacher

This award-winning site contains myriad resources for music technology teachers as well as many samples of student projects. Creator of the site, Ms. Karen Garrett, of Central Park Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama, bills the site as an “extension” of the school’s music technology lab, where third-grade students learn to read, write, compose and publish their own music. In addition to student projects, the site also features numerous online quizzes, worksheets, games, sample music technology lesson plans, and much more. Ms. Garrett was the recipient of the 2006 TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educator’s) Teacher of the Year award.